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博士班 email 論文題目
82 黃智睦 Physics, simulation and characterization of hot carrier injection induced reliability issues in submicron MOSFET's
83 謝定華 MMIC Device Transport Physics, Modeling and a 2 GHz Down- converter Design
83 劉慈祥   Hole Transport and Optical Transition Properties in SiGe Alloys and Strained Quantum Wells
85 張澤恩 Investigation of Oxide-Damage-Induced Reliability Issues in VLSI MOSFET Devices by Using Transient Spectroscopic Techniques
88 蔣汝平 Investigation of Hot Carrier Stress-Induced Oxide Reliability Issues in Deep-Submicron CMOS Devices
90 王志豪 Investigation and Control of Implantation Damage Induced Anomalous Diffusion in 0.13mm and beyond CMOS Device Design
91 鄒年凱 investigation of oxide leakage current related reliability issues in VLSI devices
蔡慶威 Investigation of Direct Tunneling Induced Reliability Issues in Ultra-Thin Oxide CMOS Devices
92 李達元 A Study on Process Related Reliabilties of CMOS Transistors with Ultra-thin Gate Dielectrics
93 吳俊威 Investigation of Drain Current Flicker Noise in Analog n-MOSFETs
93 陳旻政 Investigation of soft breakdown induced reliability issues in ultra-thin oxide SOI devices
93 蔡文哲 Investigation of Reliability Issues in a Nitride-Based Localized Charge Storage Flash Memory Cell
94 詹前泰 Bias Temperature Instability in CMOSFETs with Advanced Gate Dielectric
葉致鍇 Investigation of Novel PHINES and PREM Flash Memories and Silicon-Nitride Based Light Emitting Transistor
林明賢 An Investigation into the Characteristics of Electromigration Failure Mechanisms in Copper Interconnects
95 古紹泓 Investigation of Reliability Issues in Nitride Trap Storage Flash Memory
97 鄭志昌 Investigation of Transient Hot Carrier Stress and Device Modeling Issues in High-Voltage Lateral Diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
98 唐俊榮 Reliability and Monte Carlo Analysis in Advanced CMOS and SONOS Flash Memory
99 馬煥淇 Single Charge Phenomena in Scaled Memory and CMOS Devices
101 邱榮標 clouders.ee96g@nctu.edu.tw Statistical Study of Single Charge Phenomena in Advanced CMOS and Flash Memory
104 鍾岳庭 timchngre@gmail.com Traps Induced Reliability Issues in Resistive Random Access Memory and SONOS Flash Memory
108 劉宇恆 henryliu0306@gmail.com Trapped Charge Lateral Transport Mechanisms in Silicon Nitride and Data Pattern Effects on Vt Retention Loss in a Charge Trap Flash Memory
109 蘇柏誠 joesu123@gmail.com Mechanisms and Analytical Modeling of Read and SET/RESET Cycling Induced Performance Degradation in a Resistive Switching Memory
  周佑亮   Investigation of Single Charge Phenomena and Threshold Voltage Distributions in 3D Charge Trap NAND Flash Memory
110 江宏禮   Design Space Analysis for Embedded Magnetic Random-Access Memory and Its Optimization for Cryogenic CMOS Circuit
111 江晟民   RRAM Read-Disturb Modeling and 2-D Simulation of Nitride Electron and Hole Transport in Charge Trap Flash Memory
77 張同吉 砷化鎵金半場效電晶體中基座陷阱產生慢暫態之電路模擬模式
78 謝正祥 以砷化鎵為基底的量子井元件中熱電子傳導特性之研究
潘志新 砷化鎵金半場效電晶體熱電子模型二維數值模擬與分析
曾建賢 多重量子井場效電晶體之物理及傳輸特性研究
吳昇治 Dx陷阱中心對高電子移動率電晶體元件與電路之暫態效應與可靠性研究
余楚樵 DX中心對高電子移動率電晶體暫態行為影響之數值分析
洪俊雄 高速元件和電路中雜散效應的數值分析
陳益德 GaAs/AlGaAs量子井電子傳輸的幾何效應
王冠堯 矽質金氧半電晶體熱電子效應之研究
  蔡富義   分子束磊晶成長之砷化鎵金半場效電晶體低溫緩衝層及頻率相關電流超射效應之研究
80 蘇琮凱 Modeling of electromigration phenomena in integrated circuits
陳宗文 Study of one-dimensional electronic transport properties in quantum-well wires
81 葉文中 Two-Dimensional Quantum Well Semiconductor Simulation
蔡文哲 Three-Dimensional Vacuum Microelectronic Field Emission Device Simulator
82 陳瑞益 Two-Dimensional Simulation of Quantum Well Surface Emitting Laser Diodes
黃林祥 Design, simulation and characterization of a bandgap reference circuit using parasitic lateral bipolar transistors in a CMOS technology
83 陳君強 Low Voltage Hot Carrier Effects in Submicron MOSFET's
廖婉妤 Characterization and Modeling of Parasitic BJT in CMOS Technology
李殷 Simulation of Three-Dimensional Vacuum Microelectronic Devices
84 蔣汝平 A New Oxide Trap Characterization Technique
林紹祺 Electron-Electron Interaction Enhanced Gate Current Injection in n-MOSFET's at Low Drain Voltages
85 劉家瑋 Temperature Effect on Interface Trap Induced Drain Leakage Current in n-MOSFET's
沈冠岳 Modeling of Gate Leakage Current in Thin Oxide n-MOS Devices
王智弘 A New Technique to Characterize Stress Induced Low-Level Leakage Current in Flash EEPROM Cells
87 葉致鍇 Numerical Simulation and Characterization of SILC in Oxides
黃立元 Hot Carrier Induced Drain Current Degradation in Thin-Oxide n- and p-MOSFET's
韓承憲 RF CMOS Characterization and Modeling
88 陳旻政 Simulation and Characterization of Charge Transport and C-V in Ultra-Thin Gate Oxides
89 張育造 Noise Simulation for RF CMOS
李學儀 FRAM Characterization and Circuit Modeling
古紹泓 SONOS EEPROM Reliability Physics and Characterization
90 鄭念祖 Investigation of Low Frequency Noise in Deep-Submicron MOSFET
張鴻智 Analysis of Flicker Noise Degradation Mechanism in Ultra-thin Oxide CMOS
91 江欣凱 Trapped Charge Energy Distribution and Transport Behavior in SONOS Flash Cells
李兆琪 Characterization, Modeling and Reliability of LDMOS Power Devices
邱凱翎 Characteristic Analysis and Simulation of Flicker NOISE in High Performance CMOS
92 王銘德 Localized Charge Distribution and Read Current Noise in Nitride Storage Flash Cells
游建文 Analysis of Flicker Noise Mechanism in Ultra-Thin Oxide n-MOSFETs
93 郭晉豪 Investigation of BTI Recovery Effect and Trap Properties in High-k CMOS from Single Charge Phenomena
邵晉輝 Characterization and SPICE Modeling of High Voltage LDMOS
許智維 Numerical analysis of the retention behavior in nitride storage flash memory
94 李冠成 Investigation of NBTI Effect in Oxide pMOSFET from Single Charge Emission
杜冠潔 Investigation of spice modeling and reliability issues in high voltage LDMOS
薛至宸 Channel Non-uniformity induced Current Fluctuation due to Random Telegraph Noise in sub-100nm MOSFETs
95 許家源 Monte Carlo Simulation of Channel Orientation Dependence of Hole Transport in Strained Silicon
林家福 Investigation of Self-Heating and Reliability Issues in Lateral DMOS by Using an Additional Metal Contact Structure
吳致融 Investigation of Remote Coulomb Scattering Induced Mobility Degradation in Advanced VLSI Devices
李致維 Monte Carlo Analysis of Secondary Hot Electrons Induced Program Disturb in SONOS Memory Array
96 李智雄 Investigation of Reliavility Issues in HfO2 Nanocrystal Flash Memory Cells
熊勖廷 Characterization and SPICE Modeling of Lateral Diffused MOS by using a Novel Metal Contact Structure
趙元鵬 Characterization of Program/Erase Charge Lateral Distribution in SONOS Flash Memory Cell by Using RTS Technique
林彥君 TCAD Simulation of Random Program Charge Induced Threshold Voltage Fluctuations in SONOS Device
邱子華 Subband Structures of Silicon and Germanium Channels in P-type Metal-oxide-semiconductor Devices
97 杜文仙 Numerical Simulation of Nitride Based Flash Memory and its Application
98 林東陽 Program Charge Effect on Random Telegraph Noise Amplitude and Its Device Structural Dependence in SONOS Flash Memory
鍾岳庭 Single Charge Phenomena, Characterizations and Physics
99 王志宇 Positive Bias Temperature Instability(PBTI) Analysis and Simulation in 22 nm High-k Metal Gate nMOSFETs
梁書祥 The Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) Analysis in Ultra Thin High-k Metal Gate CMOS Device
王明瑋 3D Atomistic Simulation of Single Charge Induced Threshold Voltage Fluctuation on VLSI Devices
100 房定樺 dinghua525@gmail.com Numerical Simulation of High-k/Metal Gate Floating Gate Flash Memory Characteristics and Device Scaling
謝泓達 hdhsieh.ee99g@nctu.edu.tw Statistical Characterization and Modeling of ΔVth Distribution in NBTI Recovery and Its Time Evolution
101 李啟偉 keywayly.ee96@g2.nctu.edu.tw Statistical Characterization and Modeling of NBTI Induced ∆Vt Distribution in High-k Gate Dielectric pMOSFETs
黃子譯 noopys0327.ee96@g2.nctu.edu.tw Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation in HfOx-based Resistive Random Access Memory
王柏偉 Bogwsxnz@gmail.com Study of Operation Method and Random Telegraph Noise in HfOx-based RRAM
102 鄭宇軒 asuslover.ee01g@g2.nctu.edu.tw A New Failure Mode with Respect to Write/Read Disturb in Resistive Memory
何思嫻 passerby12.ee01g@nctu.edu.tw Nitride Charge Transport and Its Role in Erase Transient Simulation in SONOS
103 郭晉榕 austin24.ep97@g2.nctu.edu.tw Time-zero and Time-dependent Vth Variability in Junctionless Nanowire Transistors
  蔡德宏 dehongtsai.ee02g@nctu.edu.tw Numerical Simulation of Program/Erase/Retention in Planar and GAA SONOS with Different Dielectrics
  林汶潔 wjwjlin.ee02g@nctu.edu.tw Characterization of Cycling Stress Induced Trap Creation and Write Disturb Failure Time Degradation in RRAM
104 鍾季翰 josh610716@yahoo.com.tw Investigation of Factors Affecting SET-Disturb Failure Time in WOX RRAM
  楊宇翔 yusiang1992@gmail.com Numerical Simulation of Lateral Electric Field Induced Nitride Trapped Charge Movement in SONOS
  陳威郡 alex.ee99@nctu.edu.tw Characterization of Lateral Electric Field Induced Nitride Trapped Charge Movement in SONOS
  周佑亮   Characterization of Fresh State RTN Amplitude in a 3D Vertical NAND Flash Cell String
105 林曉宜   Data Pattern Effects on Trapped Charge Lateral Transport in Nitride Trap Storage Flash Memory
  許峻齊   SET/RESET Cycling Induced Read-Disturb Failure Time Degradation in a Resistive Switching Memory
  杜欣憶   Operational Speed and Reliability Considerations in Negative Capacitance FET
  楊琹閔   Investigation of Trapped Charge Lateral Transport of Silicon Nitride-Based Charge Trap Flash Memory by Numerical Simulation
106 王志維   Characterization and Modeling of Read-Disturb Induced SET-State Current Degradation and Read-Disturb Failure Time in a Resistive Switching Memory
107 詹庭鑑   Investigation of Nitride Electron and Hole Lateral Migration and Data Pattern Effects on Vth Retention Loss in a Multi-Level Charge Trap Flash Memory
  陳昱嘉   Modeling of Read Operation Induced Conductance Change in Resistive Switching Devices for Neuromorphic Applications
  王致傑   Modeling of SET-State Retention Failure Time and Its Voltage Accelerating Qualification Method in a Post-Cycling Resistive Switching Memory
  曾致遠   Numerical Simulation of Switching Rate Characteristics in Negative Capacitance FET
108 許丞鞍   Simulation of Read Operation Induced Performance Degradation in RRAM-based Neuromorphic Circuit
  杜袖慈   Program/Erase Cycling Stress Effect on Trap Charge Lateral Migration and Vth Retention Loss in a Multi-Level Charge Trap Flash Memory
  傅裕文   Dependence of Endurance Characteristic on SET/RESET Operation Voltage Condition and Modeling of Read-Disturb Failure Time in RRAM
  吳致融   Numerical Simulation of Data Pattern Effects on Vt Retention Loss in a Multi-Level Charge Trap Flash Memory
109 郭恩霖   Quasi 2D Numerical Simulation of Data Pattern Effects on Vt Retention Loss in a Post Cycling Multi Level Charge Trap Flash Memory
  謝欣玄   Simulation of Cycling Effect on Read-Induced Inference Accuracy Degradation in an RRAM-Based Neuromorphic Circuit
110 古珮紜   3D TCAD Simulation of Structure and Pass Gate Voltage Effects on Program Characteristics in a Gate All Around NAND Flash Memory String
  林楷閔   Quasi-2D Simulation of Data Pattern Effects on Vt Retention Loss and Charge Transport in Silicon Nitride in a Charge Trap Flash Memory
  黃薇倫   Investigation of Temperature Accelerated Low-Resistance-State Retention Failure in a Resistive Switching Memory
111 謝奇宏   3D TCAD Simulation of Data Pattern Effects on Vt Retention Loss in a Gate All Around Multilevel Charge Trap NAND Flash Memory String
  李華庭   3D TCAD Simulation of Grain Boundary Trap Effect on Cell Current Instability in a Gate All Around NAND Flash Memory String